Machining Tools for Your Shop

Your Colburn service team gets to know your tooling needs. Some of our clients have over 100 pieces of CNC equipment that require carbide cutting tools, carbide inserts for threading, grooving with a host of precise cutting details. We have sourced a variety of carbide lathe tools, micro machine tools for precision work and every indexable end mill imaginable. Chances are good we can get what you are looking for at the best value and delivered to you faster than anyone. We sell a vast array of carbide roughers, reamers and rotary files along with carbide drill bits for your equipment. Don’t headache yourself with part numbers, just tell us your specs for the number of flutes, hole diameter and depth and we will get the right tool for you. Let’s start working together today so we can help you anticipate your supply needs.

Carbide Tooling Manufacturers We Source Most

Kyocera – SGS Tools

Product Specialties
Carbide End Mills with 7-11 flutes
Carbon composite routers
Micro Cutting Tools with Ti-NAMITE-A
Solid Carbide Drill Bits for High Performance Drilling
Countersinks & Reamers
Fractional and Metric Calculators

Garr Tools

Product Specialties
Carbide End Mills for High Performance
General purpose Drill bits and Drills for Milling
Specialty End Mills with deep cutting surfaces
Carbide Burrs and Rotary Files

Walter Tools

Product Specialties
High Performance Tools
Carbide Inserts
Indexable End Mills
Square Shoulder Mills
Carbide Face Mills
Turning, Grooving & Threading Tools
The Walter Technology Center

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