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Pennsylvania steelworkers love the fact that we inventory Hougen Magnetic Drills, mag drill bits, the Hougen annular cutters. Looking for an industrial tools supplier near you that carries the best carbide band saw blades, a great line of 12 v cordless power tools, beveling tools and angle grinders? We support the needs of steel bridge contractors, maintenance technicians in a manufacturing facility or a job shop tool room crew. Some of our preferred manufacturers of industrial tools are:

Hougen Magnetic Drills & Cutters

Product Specialties
The Mag Drill MDH904 is VERY popular
Magnetic Drill Presses up to 650 RPMs
The Hougen Annular Cutters Line
Rotabroach Hole Cutters for sheetmetal
Hydraulic Hole Punchers

Wikus Band Saw Blades

Product Specialties
Carbide band saw blades
BiMetal band saw blades
Diamond coated band saw blades
Hooked Tooth & Trapazoid Tooth Saw Blades in a variety of sizes and profiles that will fit most machines.

Metabo Tools

Product Specialties
6” Grinder
Metebo Beveling Tools
Metabo KFM 15-10f
Cutting Discs
Grinding Discs
Flap Discs

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