There have been a number of innovations Walter Tools has brought to the table in 2020. One of the areas we are excited to share about is the Walter pilot & deep hole drill bits. In-fact the whole line of Walter Titex drill tools are in a class unto themselves and we will share why we believe that. Walter has also stepped up to the plate when it comes to threading tools. As your industrial tool supply company in PA we wish to share our findings and what some of our customers say about these tools. Several of our clients are using machines with synchronous spindles and have benefited from Walter’s synchronous thread cutting tools. We will share about the thread formers, taps and adapters in this “Synchrospeed” line of thread cutting tools.

Walter Drill Bits used for Deep Hole Drilling

The DB133 Supreme micro drills are a line of solid carbide micro drills that allow for internal coolant or external coolant variety. All 3 lengths (5, 8 & 12 x Dc) partner with a pilot hole drill bit (DB131 Supreme) to allow for the precision drilling in the micro tool diameters (0.5mm). We have heard rave reviews from customers using these combinations. They are touting very tight tolerance, good chip evacuation and longer tool life when deep hole drilling is preceded by the pilot drilling.

Walter Titex Drill Tools Get Rave Reviews

XD = Extremely Deep drilling for this line Walter drills. This solid carbide high-performance drill with internal cooling has a has a high-performance tip coating called TTP and now their XD 70 is probably the longest deep hole drilling tool we have in the machining space. The diameter range is 4.5 to 12 mm and we understand that the hole quality is excellent and offers superior chip evacuation too. The pilot hole drilling is very advisable and cuts at a 140 degree point angle…same as the deep hole bits. That precision is required by many of our customers. The tool is great for drilling stainless steel, heat-resistant special alloys based on iron, nickel and cobalt, titanium and titanium alloys.

Walter Titex Drills

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Synchronous Thread Cutting Tools

Dual-spindle lathes can synchronize the main and secondary spindle. This means that when the main spindle receives a command to turn, the secondary spindle turns at the same speed, in the same direction. This is called Synchronous Spindle Control. We have several customers using Haas CNC machines that employ this mode of operation. Precision threading tools that function well at high speeds is a must in this synchronized mode.

Thread Cutting Tools

Walter’s Supreme line of thread cutting tools hold up well under tough conditions. We recommend this line when customers are looking for maximum cutting speeds and long tool life for high batch sizes. The Supreme tools are designed for machining very specific material groups and often outperform comparable tools by far. The TC685 Supreme thread milling cutter allows you to core hole and thread in one operation. The TC620 Supreme thread milling cutter is you great choice for difficult materials. Customers tell us it offers a high level of reliability and easy handling due to extremely infrequent radius correction.

Walter Prototex® Synchrospeed
The Prototex® Synchrospeed HSS-E taps have been specifically Synchronous Thread Cutting Tooldeveloped for synchronous tapping (rigid tapping) in the most diverse of materials. In addition to structural steel and high-strength steel, these tools can also be used in stainless steel, spheroidal graphite and malleable cast iron, as well as in long-chipping copper and aluminum alloys.

Facts and advantages:
• more precise thread depth without manual programming correction
• universally use in a wide variety of materials
• the greater face clearance and the lower temperature on the cutting edge
• the combined use of the Synchrospeed tap and the Protoflex® C synchronous tapping chuck results in optimum service life, process reliability and productivity

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