Metalworking Fluids, Coolants & Lubricants

We will source multiple suppliers for the best quality and best price we can get for your CNC machine coolant needs. Metal cutting fluids are the oil and/or water based liquids you use in your swiss screw machining, CNC milling, drilling and grinding operations. Not all machining coolants are the same so it is important we know some details about the materials you are working with and the equipment you are using so that we can help you choose the best fit for maximum efficiency, productivity and ecological recovery preferences. We also source several lines of industrial equipment lubricants that can extend the life of your manufacturing equipment. The primary value of many metalworking fluids is to provide lubricity that extends cutting performance and tool life. Clearing material chips out of the way is key but not the sole purpose of the water-soluble oils, synthetic coolants and semi-synthetic coolants we provide. Here are a few of the manufacturing partners we work with.

Quaker Houghton Metalworking Fluids

Product Specialties
Semi Synthetic Fluids for Ferrous Machining
The QuakerCool line for Aluminum & Multi Metals
QuakerDraw Products for Metalforming
Screw Machine Oils for Deep Hole Drilling & Boring
Water Soluble Oils for High Speed punching and forming

Monroe Fluid Technologies

Product Specialties
Grinding Coolants – Nitrite Free & Phenol Free
Oil Free Synthetic Cutting Fluids
Dielectric fluid EDM Fluids Swiss
Screw Machine Cutting Fluids – Low Foaming
Metal Coating Fluids called AstroKote Cool Tool – Universal Cutting Fluid
Semi-Synthetic Machining Fluid – AstroCut

Colburn Inventory of Spray Lubricants & Penetrants

These Items are always in inventory
PB Blaster
Carb & Choke
WD 40
Cold Galvanizing Compound
3m Super 77 Adhesive
Contact Cleaner

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