The Hougen line of magnetic drill presses is impressive and certainly our most popular magnetic base drill we sell to Annular Cuttermetal fabricators and steel workers. The Hougen HMD 904 is the workhorse for most metal contractors working in the field doing bridges and structural steel work and the Hougen HMD 130 mini mag drill is popular with those service oriented contractors who needs a great hole cutting tool for sheet metal. Often plumbers and HVAC professionals. The RotoLoc™ annular cutter is the primary mag drill bit for the Hougen HMD 130 for when you need hole diameters from ½” to 1.25”. This post will be focused more on the more industrial strength metal hole cutters and Hougen drill bits.

Mag Drill Bits for the Hougen HMD 900 Series Drills

This line or portable magnetic drills all use a Mag Drill Bits Hougenvariety of annular cutters, sheet metal hole cutters, step drill bits and drill tap bits. The HMD 904 is most popular because it is lightweight, has a gravity fed coolant system and has a very powerful magnet with a swivel base that locks into place and it is only 30 lbs (easy to carry). It can cut metal up to 2 inches thick and hole diameters up to 1.5 inches. For heavier duty drilling, Hougen makes the HMD 918. It is also much larger and weighs 45 lbs. But it does cut deeper holes, up to 6 inches in depth and the annular cutting bits max out at 2.378 inches in diameter. There are no shortage of high quality drill bit manufacturers we use that make the typical drill bits you may use in these portable drill presses. Just Ask Judy for her suggestions here >>>

Hougen Annular Cutters

The hottest selling metal hole cutter we sell for the HMD 904 is 12,000 series annular cutters. Great for the most common grades of steel and they are made from M2 H.S.S. They also sell a TiN coated M2 H.S.S variety that we recommend for stainless steel hole cutting. The hole diameter ranges from 7/16″ to 3-1/16″ in width and can cut depths up to 6 inches if you have the HMD 918. Most other 900 series magnetic drills can reach depths up to 2” or 3” depending upon the model.

Annular Cutters Hougen
Customers also love the Copperhead annular cutters. These metal cutters are design for extended tool life when you are working with abrasive and tough-to-cut materials.
Hougen also makes some heavy duty industrial cutters for those doing heavy duty structural steel construction work. These cutters have thicker walls (.264″) and inside margins to decrease I.D. welding and provide a better flow of coolant to the tool and its cutting edges.

Sheet Metal Hole Cutters

Including the RotoLoc™ for the mini mag drill we spoke about above, there are primarily 4 types of sheet metal hole saws made by Hougen. The RotoCut is for hand drills. The larger magnetic drill presses Hougen sells use the Holcutter™ and the Carbide Holcutter™ and both produce smooth clean holes in thinner 1/8” sheets of mild and stainless steel.

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