Custom Die Sets & Die Making Supplies

If you are making dies for stamping presses, plastic injection molders and metal forming equipment, you know the importance of having a high quality vendor of tool making supplies. We sell nitrogen gas springs, mechanical die springs, die punches, press fit die buttons and counter bores to help you customize and refurbish the dies molding your parts. We have an exclusive agreement with Moeller Precision Tool for the state of PA and work closely with Integrity Fab & Machine (iFab) for custom die sets our clients need. When it comes to nitrogen gas springs, Dadco has a great line of micro and miniature nitrogen gas springs for smaller stamping dies and their ultra-force gas springs are superior to others we have tested. Need to re-charge or repair your nitrogen gas springs? Ask Judy how we can get that done for you.

Moeller Precision Punch

Product Specialties
High Strength Die Making Tools
Insertable Punch Retainers with Ball Lock
Metric & Inch Punches, Die Buttons & Die Components
Mechanical Die Springs for Every Purpose
True-Strip, True Lock Die Components
M-Cad Tooling Design Software

iFab Custom Die Sets

Product Specialties
Integrity Fab & Machine, Inc. specializes in custom dies sets, plate and parallels. They are known for prompt delivery and industry leading attention to the quality of their custom dies. All work takes place in the USA and are committed to the best cutting, grinding, machining and packaging on every die set and plate order that comes their way.

Dadco Inc.

Product Specialties
Leader in Nitrogen Gas Springs technology
Full Height & ISO Gas Springs
Compact Nitrogen Gas Springs
Ultra Force Nitrogen Gas Springs
Micro Nitrogen Gas Springs
Miniature Nitrogen Gas Springs
Extreme Condition Solutions

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    Nitrogen Gas Spring Repair Service

    Some clients request us to repair and recharge their nitrogen gas springs. We have partnered with a company that rebuilds your gas springs back to 95% of their original operating condition. This work is done locally by a highly qualified technician. They recharge the gas cylinders, re-sharpen your die sets and even do some custom die modifications. Ask Judy if your particular nitrogen gas springs can be repaired.